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Your request is being processed and a DUI lawyer should contact you soon. In the meantime, stay calm if you have a trial date pending – you have many legal alternatives: plead not guilty, challenge the merits of the case, plea bargain to a reduced charge, ask for a jury or judge trial, and other options. Follow all court rules to avoid additional fines or jail time:

  • Consult with a private attorney – A lawyer from our network will contact you shortly. Describe your case to them in detail and learn your legal options
  • Report to Court – Your ticket likely lists a court appearance date. Rearrange your schedule to attend this hearing on time
  • Carry the proper insurance – Some states require expensive, special SR-22 insurance after a DUI. If the court orders you to get this new insurance, contact your insurance company immediately and change plans
  • Follow suspended license rules – If your license was suspended as a penalty for your DUI, do NOT drive on your suspended license. Carpool to work and find alternative transportation

Fighting your DUI may lead to a more favorable outcome than pleading guilty. DUI law is a very dense area of law. If it is hard for lawyers, it will be hard for you. Hire a DUI lawyer to reach a desirable outcome. The earlier you act, the more options that will be available to you.